Oberstar is acting like a petulant child

To the Editor:

Defeated Congressman James Oberstar still hasn’t said word one to Congressman-elect Chip Cravaack. He has done nothing to assist the transition, zero, zip, nada and is in fact obstructing Cravaack’s desire to field constituent needs. Other outgoing congressmen are conscientiously turning over their constituent files to the incoming freshmen, but not Oberstar.

Like a petulant child, he has decided to shred most of the case files, forcing constituents in need of assistance to begin at square one with incoming Cong. Cravaack. How petty.

I’ve no doubt that Oberstar is wishing he had held the town hall meeting Cravaack and several others had requested at Oberstar’s office in 2009. After making them wait over two hours, they were told Oberstar did not have time for them. He did, however, have time to meet with special interest lobbyists that day, and that launched the energetic and successful Cravaack campaign that defeated a 36-year dynasty of pork and privilege.

Maybe Oberstar should look for a new job in — “like Malaysia.” — Scott Martin, Hinckley

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