Gubernatorial candidate Seifert signs taxpayer pledge

St. Paul, MN  – Phil Krinkie, President of the Taxpayers League, joined gubernatorial candidate Rep. Marty Seifert (R-Marshall) in a press conference today (Tuesday, April 6) where Seifert announced his support of the Taxpayer Protection Pledge.

In front of a room full of onlookers Seifert signed the Taxpayer Protection Pledge and publicly committed  that if elected governor he will not support any tax increase.

Krinkie said, “Now is the time for candidates vying for public office in Minnesota to publicly commit to taxpayers that they will not support any tax increase while in office.  With more than a billion dollars of new taxes imposed in the last two years, Minnesotans are already paying more while making less.  And with state tax receipts projected to increase by more than $3 billion, Minnesota does not need any new job killing tax increases.”

Signing the Pledge “is critical for candidates,” said Phil Krinkie, President of the Taxpayers League.  “With the state of Minnesota facing unprecedented budget shortfalls, it is imperative for Minnesota’s candidates to communicate to the citizens of Minnesota their position on taxes.”

Taxpayers are encouraged to visit the Taxpayers League’s Web site, print a copy of the Pledge, and ask their candidate to sign and return to the League’s office.

“Tax collections are projected to skyrocket over the next two years, yet spending continues to out pace revenue by over $5 billion,” added Krinkie.  “Government continues to spend at unsustainable and irresponsible levels and the Pledge is intended to hold legislators accountability for those tax-and-spend habits.”

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